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tv   Local 12 News at 5  CBS  March 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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here's what we know right now. isis claimed responsibility for three explosions that rocked an airport and a subway station in brussels. 31 people are dead. nearly 200 more are injured. these are just a few of the men, belgium authorities believe are responsible. two of them are dead. the one on the right is public enemy number one. jonathan gig lotty is in brussels with the latest. . two survivors, one clutching a baby, picked themselves up on the floor. it was one of two power blasts that blew out windows and caused the ceiling to cave in. >> two people with, really covered. >> and airport security camera captured this image of three men that belgium prosecutors say are behind the attacks.
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in black blew themselves up. they issued a wanted notice for the third suspect. >> another deadly explosion. and some passengers with dark tunnels. there's a strong specialty, but people have arrived to the street. speaking in cuba, president obama condemned the attacks. >> we must be together. regardless of nationality, race or faith. in fighting against the courage of terrorism. >> it comes days after they arrested, and key suspect in last fall's deadly paris attacks. >> one thing that's shocking to me, that you've had in the wake of the paris attack, yet another sophisticated coordinated attack, right in the noses of
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>> it's you are that. police have been conducting raids in the city all day. one of them, they found an islamic state bag and chemicals. >> they are sending shock waves across the world including washington, d.c. jeff barnes spoke to several low makers in capitol hill. now that isis claims the terror responsible, frustration runs rampant >> this is a wake-up call. people like me say this. this is a wake-up call to the west. i don't know about everybody else. when i get a wake-up call, i get up. >> another house member, congressman, a navy seal for more than 20 years, has no illusions.
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and do our part so it. >> they must step up, to help tragedies likes this >> we can't live in. instead, we have to figure out how to use the start. given the events of san bernardino and paris, france lacht year an the events unfolding now, america's role in fighting terrorists worldwide is more paramount than ever. >> i am sick and tired of isis. i'm sick and tired of hearing about them. i want to make sure we're doing everything to eradicate them. >> now is not the time for finger-pointing or politics. a time for once again, to stand with our european allies. in washington, jeff barn reporting. >> the question of the day, is about the attacks if brussels.
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another attack in the u.s. is eminent. let us know in the facebook page. >> when innocent people are slaughtered, we all get angry. for one cincinnati businessman, this attack hits home. he shared his feelings with perry schaible. >> the owner of tesa belgium, he never thought this would happen in his home land, that would happen in other places. he didn't think it would happen there. he heard the attacks, while here in the queen city. he immediately called his parents, who are headed on vacation. he was relieved to find out their flight was scheduled for tomorrow, not today. they are safe at home and were not at the airport at the time. now concern for his friends who still live in belgium. some have posted on facebook so easing those concerned. lishette said he has been to the airport dozens of times in his
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couple of months ago. he always felt safe. >> this is a couple of months ago. i've never, i've never said unsafe in belgium. he's -- to be in military presence and city. >> and they are trying to get through it at this point. and i did talk to a traveler earlier today. he said, . it could have rippling effects for travelers around the country and travelers should expect some delays. >> the parents won't be flying out of belgium tomorrow. they say it isn't sure when they will resume. >> countries around the world are showing their support,
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the pain of a terror attack firsthand. campaign. and 130 people were killed. french newspaper showed their picture. it shows a french flag and belgium flag crying together with the dates of terror attacks underneath. this picture continues to develop. paula toty talked to brad and who is in the armed services committees. you'll hear what he has to say. at 6:00, why brussels has become a breeding ground for terrorist. >> it was kwarmer. . >> hi, cam me and rob. these winds are still going to be breezy, even a little after sunset.
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temperatures at 64. dew points in the 20s. very dry air at the surface. wind speeds sustained at 22 miles an hour. we have wind gusts up to 32 miles an hour in wilmington, especially in the last hour, i should say. we're at 64. 67 in middletown. this is about 13-16 degrees warmer yesterday at this time. wind are around 15-25 miles an hour. no rain now. coming in 20 minutes, i'll be tracking the rain later this week and let you know how your easter forecast pans out. back to you. >> thanks very much. mother who admitted to, injecting benadryl will serve another week in jail. jessica brought her son jack to syracuse, to be treated for a rare skin disorder commonly
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we don't know why she injected the benadryl but it caused him to get very sick. since she's getting credited to time already served she'll be out in week. the son somebodying cared for by the father who has been. >> rapid currents made it too dangerous. just ahead. >> former state troopers. and police think. >> only on local 12. the mother wastes murder charge for her daughter's death. >> they told me, she had
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broken bones, punctured lung, . >> connections are too dangerous for divers.
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water on thursday. police say they have been contacted by the family of a man who they believe was driving the car. that driver was caught up in a large chain reaction crash on the bridge. >> there are several petitions to get a wyoming grad inprisoned in north korea released. he is serving 15 years of hard labor, for trying to steal a banner. the communist country says he was part after conspiracy. one of the petitions is on and the petition seemed to be more symbolic than anything else since they can't really do anything. the white house has demanded warn bere be released. >> a 4-year-old, was tortured by his stepmother is laid to rest. and police say his stepmother, caused his death by dipping his legs into scalding water as a punishment.
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his stepmother is in jail. > still ahead, vice president joe biden comes to town and sit
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who killed two wokkers was hundreds and thousands of dollars in debt. clarence bringings was trying to people. harrisburg. the 55-year-old died in a shoot-out with police. he and his wife filed for bankruptcy last year. documents shows, bringings was nearly $350 thousand in debt. . >> mayor known for his antiques is dead. he lost his battle with cancer. he was diagnosed in 2015. his health was rapidly worsening recently. tenure was marred by alcohol and drug abuse. on the campaign trail, ted cruz says he would use the full force and fury of the u.s. military to defeat the islamic state group. the global community, to identify, rule out and destroy
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and donald trump says, brussels was a beautiful city, beautiful place with zero crime and now it's a disaster city. hillary clinton says, the united states must stand in solidarity with european allies. bernie sanders echoed that, calling that an attempt to terrorize innocent civilians. >> campaign is on everybody's mind. and i was granted his only interview. covered many subjects. here's what he told me about the race for the white house. >> we reported last night, cbs new york times poll says that over half of the voters, have an unfavorable opinion of hillary clinton and also donald trump. so i have to ask you, do you ever think, man, i should run.
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and -- and i knew why i wanted to run. and it's the right decision tore me and my family to make. and it's a rough political year. >> tell you, that is the number one question people wanted me to ask you, is do you see any possibility that you could step into the race. >> no, i don't. i learned something very important. if you want to become very popular, you're not running for president. i could only imagine. >> what do you think it will take for a presidential candidate to be elected for them to sue the angry electric >> >>.
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and we're confusing authenticity with crudeness. we're confusing our opposition with enemies. we're questioning people's motives, instead of judgment. i really do think the american public is looking for more civility. i'm very proud. i'm very proud the way the democrats have been conducting themselves and their debates. it is, you know, i think the american people are just sick and tired. i am sick and tired the way it's conducted. i'm confident we'll produce a nominee who will make a case for the american people. >> and at 6:00, he talks about belgium. the situation over all and his
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students studying abroad. >> what did you think? what were your overall impression >> access was phenomenal. he took any question for us. his time was 100 percent at the time >> he remembered your dad, didn't he? >> he did. >> that's cool. very neat. erica joins us now. it is very windy. >> we seen gusts close to 40 miles an hour in the northern tier viewing area. later this evening, we should see the winds die down. it's going to be more breezy tonight than it was last evening. we have to deal with that. we will have a dry evening. take a look outside, beautiful blue skies. thin cirrus clouds north of the city. we're going to see a dry evening. temperatures made it to the low 60s. 64 at the airport.
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and 66 already, and lebanon, 64. mid 60s for georgetown. west union, 63 and still lower 60s over in owington. and wind speed and direction. it's been pretty much in the southerly direction. that's what helped us fuel the warmth and will fuel the moisture especially during the day tomorrow. winds sustained around 22 miles an hour. later this evening, see the winds let go. we'll have winds between and 12-18 miles an hour later this evening. gusts 30-35, possible, at least through sunset. things kind of die off, a couple of miles an hour. winds in the southwest direction through the overnight period. radar is dry. high pressure is still in control. situated well to the southeast of us. as it moves off, it helps to contribute to the southwesterly breeze as well as the next system. while we have a few high level clouds, the next system, building over the rockies.
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eastward. but thursday, we are going to see a good amount of rain and also the potential for some thunderstorms in the forecast. tonight's forecast, rain-free. the temperatures will fall in the 50s. upper 50s at 8:00. warmer than last night. 54 at 11:00. high clouds will be throughout the evening. tomorrow, we'll see breezy conditions return once again, especially in the afternoon. start off in the 40s, but cool start. not as cool as this morning. breezy but still mild, despite the clouds we have. i'm kind of optimistic to see the sunshine. we'll see the clouds thicken up and we'll continue to watch the slightest chances, couple of spotty showers, mainly west and northwest of cincinnati later in the afternoon and early evening. everybody does on thursday. we will see rain and thunderstorms likely.
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50s, getting to the 60s despite the rain. we'll try for friday, but much cooler. highs in the upper 40s after starting in the upper 40s. that's the coolest day. saturday and sunday, not looking terrible. we have the chance of showers, late in the day on sunday.
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>> growing number of veterans are saying marijuana helps them deal with post-traumatic disorder. research from veterans affairs, rise of ptsd who are now dependent on pot. experts believe it could slow the process of recovering from war trauma. who an athlete follows on twitter. when it is lebron james, everything matters, what he did on twitter is fueling a lot of speculation. james apparently stopped following the cleveland followers. when he was asked about last night's win, he wouldn't talk. only saying, next question. >> >>. >> book borrowed from the university of dayton has been returned. and the freshman wound up leaving school and joining the
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someone gathered his stuff from the dorm room and the stuff got saved >>nd a the school never knew it was missing. they won't charge him a late fee $350. what investigators know at this point, about the suspects. that's come ug up live at 6:00. >> and best steps you could take right now to protect yourself, also at 5:30.
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motheher o of .
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me. how he hurt me. taking my daughter away from me. >> the mother of the 16-year-old waits for a murder charge and a day in court. good evening, we will have that story in a moment. we want to give you the latest on the terror attacks. >> witnesses described a horrible scene. people crying, shouting, fire engines, police everywhere. jonathan alliance is at the terror alert desk in washington. >> brussels was rocked by terror attacks >> and search is focused on the photo of three men pushing luggage carts the men are the suspects in the brussel's airport attacks. he's wearing the light colored jacket. the other two men in dark are believed to be suicide bombers.
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blasts. two explosions and one near the check in counters and hour later, third blast happened at the subway station, where much of the european union is based. >> saw many injuries. saw people dead. i saw everything broken. >> isis has claimed responsiblity for the attacks. belgium raised the terror alert to the highest level in response. airport authorities, third bomb at the airport, did not explode and was neutralized by police. president obama addressed the attacks from cuba. >> we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend, in bringing to justice, those who are responsible. this is a reminder that the world must unite.
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arrest, on the mastermind, sala al asam. from the terrorist desk in washington, jonathan elias. >> belgium leaders say the leaders there new there was an attack. they are surprised by the skwal of the attack. >> he's a veteran and served in the house committee and intelligence and arms committee. they say the united states needs to take the lead in organizing effort. the republican congressman is calling for a paws and allowing borders to cross worldwide. he has other thoughts involving security and refugees. >> as far as the refugee crisis,
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plenty of areas, and to come to the united states. and we can take care of them in humane fashion. . >> and the congressman also said, in terms of gathering intelligence, the u.s. has relied on drones that take out terrorists and not alot on capture that could lead to information. today, democratic presidential candidate said more needs to be done to work with european nations and tracking suspects. bernie sanders said, to terrorize innocent civilians. challenger on the campaign, we need to name our enemies, challenger, john kasich is calling on president obama to leave cuba and come home or go to brussels. >> stay with local 12 news on the air, for the latest information on brussels. hear how the people in the
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terror attacks. plus the concerns that belg jum becomes a breeding ground. scott pelly will bring a one hour edition >> murder charges, for beating a 16-year-old hall. how did a girl who wanted to be a veterinarian hooked up with 35-year-old, who friends say beat her before. in an interview that you will only see on local 12 news >> haily hall got a lot of attention for her looks. she wanted to be more than a pretty face. she wanted to become a vet. she didn't talk about the her boyfriend, bernie arnold. >> me and haily were really
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she knew she could tell me anything. by me not telling -- her not telling me. >> on the night of the beating, she said she was going to a girlfriend's house. >> last thing, i love you, hailey. i said, i love you too, momma. that's the last words that hailey said to me. that played and played through my mind. >> the police say it happened in the -- it happened in the parking lot of the avenue. and then hail took hailey to the hotel. she had severe head injuries and lacerated liver. >> if he would have gotten her help when it first happened, she possibly would have lived >> she said she would have never
5:36 pm
after two weeks, doctors said she was brain dead. >> where was the parent? i never knew. if you have been a parent of a 16-year-old, maybe you will understand that. maybe you won't. >> and before hailey died, rhonda told her something else. the mother told daughter she would fight for justice for hailey. debra dixon, local 12 news >> william arnold is currently charged with trafficking heroin. >> local 12 news, has a first look at graphic video of a local bail live taking down a shackled teen and dragging him in a courtroom. the investigation that's leading
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>> tax . >> police say a repeat drunk driver that is responsible in kill a man. cory appeared in court on vehicular homicide charges. officers say he was impaired and speeding when he rear-ended a night. and other driver, scott, lost
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they lacked overtime pay. the findings, found 64 percent, didn't have proper approval or verification last year, and some officers got approved at the same time they were on vacation. they asked for the audit, after they fired jeffrey blackwell. isaac was interim chief at the time. one of the reasons they let blackwell go, being properly approved overtime for his favorite officers >> real estate developers, in downtown cincinnati. members on the board approved the demolition necessary to pave the way for more than 60 luxury condos. the $50 million project calls for two new story buildings along the tree line. >> marijuana is more popular to tri-state students than
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we talked to 40 thousand people from grades 20 through 12th. alcohol remained the highly reported use, with more than 16 percent of students self-reporting, to having used it within the past 0 days. tobacco, about 8 percent and marijuana about 12 percent. panel studying infant mortality problem, to increase the tobacco tax and boost the tobacco buying age to 21. idea, included in a report to, to day. the commission, other ideas, include banning the sale of crib bumpers. the mortality rate has been the worst in the nation. fighting migraine pain. four simple things, without medication. >> and all new tonight, how a brand-new bike could change the life of a local teen born with a
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. chief. jones will take over the top spot in the city. home to the university, april 1st. jones is with the lieutenant that served, in 2002. he's served as action chief.
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for three years. county commissioners is balking on the cost of repairing a 112-year-old building. and they have doubled to nearly $1 million. repairs are needed to repair the crumbling ceiling. the monument honors those who serve the area. >> and food & drug administration will require new warning labels for prescription medication. warning on the serious risk of misuse, addiction, overdose and death. the fda decided to give them a black box warning, the most severe warning there is. it will be required immediately. the cdc says more than 40 americans die each day from
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>> and mary shows us some things to alleviate the pain. >> arguments, getting stuck in traffic. there's some simple ways. ice it. ice packs are great relief for muscle soreness and could work well for migraines. cold compression could reduce the throbbing. and have some caffeine. drinking a cup of coffee, could provide mild relief. be careful not to overdo it. caffeine withdrawals could lead to headaches. foods high in magnesium. whole grains are best used to relieve migraines. vitamin b-2 and seafood and chicken and dairy products, all have vitamin b-2. like magnesium are great from keeping migraines from coming back. get some sleep. aim for 7-8 hours each night. anything more or less could
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for today's health minute, i'm mary maloney. >> good evening, and it's going to be a nice evening, despite the breeze we have out there right now. this is a live look. we have high thin clouds, masking some of the sunlight, it's a beautiful evening. at least 12 degrees warmer than we were yesterday at this time. now we're in the low to mid 60s across the local viewing area. brookville indiana, we're at 63. and owington, 65. winds have been sick kicking out of the south. this wind is also going to help feel warmth and moisture over the next 24-48 hours, we'll definitely see more clouds, especially in the day on
5:48 pm
we're dry, we're still under the influence and it keeps us dry throughout the evening. we'll still be a bit breeze eechl high clouds around cincinnati, off to the west, to the rockies. that's going to be the next system that's strengthens by the time we get to the portion of the workweek. and tonight's forecast, rain-free. you will still need the warm jacket, but it's way warmer in the last evening. and high clouds around making it mostly clear and winds around 8-12 miles an hour. here's what happens in the next 48 hours. tonight, we're quiet. we have the wispy thin clouds. by tomorrow morning, i'm optimistic to see a little sunshine. and then we see the clouds thicken and increase throughout the day.
5:49 pm
few peaks of sunshine in the morning to mostly cloudy skies in the afternoon, although this model clears us out, and we have a slight risk and no storms tomorrow. here's 7:00 thursday morning, especially west of cincinnati, thursday morning. best chances through the afternoon and evening. and gets out of here pretty quickly. i don't think we have much moisture left after thursday evening. your weather outlook on thursday, we're under a marginal risk for severe weather. we may see one or two strong to severe storms. the main threat, will be strong or gusty winds. we'll fine tune the forecast throughout the day tomorrow. tomorrow's forecast, it's pretty dry. other than a couple of showers, west or northwest of cincinnati.
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starting in the 40s at this time tomorrow morning. winds out of the southwest, between 15-20 miles an hour. and some strong wind gusts are possible with some potent storms and heavy downpours as well. 63 for a high. much cooler on friday. saturday we're dry. mostly sunny skies. easter, looking at showers for the latter part of the day. sunday afternoon and evening, when we'll track a few scattered showers. close to 60s for early workweek. >> and we use them for everything now a days. how safe are the password. >> common mistakes, making hacker's jobs easier. the thing to protect yourself.
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fbi agents now say, they have a way to access data without the company's help. the outside party came forward this weekend and showed the bureau a possible message. agents need time to figure out to compromise data from the phone. >> social media to e-mail, bank accounts, just about everything these days requires a password on-line. >> having complicated passwords is important. >> and passwords are a way of life in the high-tech age. for many people, makes them low tech choices. >> and family names, nicknames. >> and i've used like my favorite celebrity. >> the doctor is a computer expert at the university sci lab. hackers have software that uses blgs of software combinations to break into an account.
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names and human names and city names. they will try all possible combinations. . >> it's important to have passwords that obtain upper and lower numbers. just don't put the capitol numbers in the front. >> mix it up. >> one tool people could use is a password manager. >> there's a number of password managers that could remember your passwords with you. >> most have a feature that let's you generate a password. >> if you use the same password, one right guess could allow a hacker to get into all of them >> and ahead at 6:00, interview you will only see on local 12 news. vice president joe biden talks one on one about the attacks on brussels, whether parents with students studying abroad should be concerned. >> cincinnati's connection to brussels. big business and small
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local reaction to the terrorist attacks coming up. >> busy parents who want stylish kid.
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. >> can't explain. unbelievable. it's unbelievable. it's really hard. >> a stripping of explosion in belgium's capitol leaves
5:59 pm
>> good evening, security officials are brazing for a major terror attack >> now one has taken place in brussels. >> nearly 190 wounded today, in bombings at the city's airport. and islamic group is claiming responsibility for the bombings. one on the right has led to raids. and investigators say the other bombings. a house search led to the discovery of an explosive device and chemical products. belgium's prime minister says, there's additional security measures in effect to the country's borders. in a speech before leaving cuba. pledged, the u.s. will help whatever is necessary, to bring to justice those who carried out
6:00 pm
>> another reminder, the word must unite. we must be together regardles s of nationality, race or faith, in fighting against the scurge of terrorism. >> the u.s. military says, one american service member and his family were hurt. earlier, church officials says, two from utah were ser qusly hurt. and it comes after authorities in brussels arrested sala salam. >> prosecutors say it's not possible at this stage to establish possible link. . >> ave chance, this afternoon, just after the latest briefing of the bombings in brussels >> we're hearing upwards of 50


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